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Is it possible to buy a minature/dwarf prunus royal burgundy flowering cherry tree



No, unless you can find someone producing a standard version. There are other, smaller varieties of flowering cherry available, but not that variety.

6 Aug, 2011


you could look for someone to bonzie said tree to whatever size you like within reasen .

6 Aug, 2011


You could have a go yourself by obtaining a small young cherry tree of the name you describe and limiting its growth. Start off with a trainer pot for 2-3 years. Transfere on to a wider shallow pot after that. Transfere the tree into this and arrange the roots after a bit of pruning. Use Bonzai gritted soil. You may have to stabilise it with wire to start off. The items to do this are usually obtainable from the larger GCs. Its fun to see if you can manage to keep it going to flowering size. To buy an already tended one is expensive. Do neither if away from home for extended periods.

6 Aug, 2011


its even worth bying a book on the subject but as dorjac sais they need attention very regulerly . my friend who has over 50 bonzei puts them in a frame with polythene in creating a shallow pond if he goes on holiday in the summer .

7 Aug, 2011

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