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Renfrewshire, Scotland

Recently I planted 3 heucheras. They were all doing well until I noticed this morning that something has chopped the leaves off one of the plants.

Several leaves have been chopped off a few inches up the stems. Not all of the leaves but enough to make the new plant look a bit thin!

I am not aware that we have rabbits in the garden and did not think that heucheras were bothered by pests. The leaves have not been eaten and there are no signs of pests. I have slug bait around the plants but there are no signs of slugs and did not think that they were much of a problem to heucheras anyway.



Sounds EXACTLY like rabbits to me. I have some Heucheras that are now growing in wide chicken wire cylinders. Any leaves or flowers that grow out of the tubes get eaten down to the wire.

Rabbits come and nibble in the hours of darkness - the damage sounds just like them to me.

6 Aug, 2011


Or could be mice. They often bite through the stems of plants.

6 Aug, 2011


Thanks Beattie and Cinderella. It could be mice. I know that we have field mice in the garden.........they get into the shed.

6 Aug, 2011


Vine Weevil larvae love the roots of the heuchera in my garden. I leave them in as a sacrifice so they will leave other things alone!

6 Aug, 2011

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