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Black and White wasp?
Im not sure my eyes were deceiving me today, but I thought I saw a black and white wasp in the garden. I didn't manage to get a picture as it wouldnt stay still long enough.
It was more than 1/2" long with a striking black and white body. I have been trying to identify on the internet but there are so many sites with not enough picture of the black and white wasps.
Can anyone recommend a website I can visit?
Thanks guys



i would imagine that it is infact not a wasp but a hover fly . they mimmick wasps and bees depending on the species so larger predetors mite leave them alone . youl find it flew more iraticly and faster than a normal wasp . its perfectly harmless and doesnt have the habit of eating carrion like a lot of flies . the fact that you said it wouldnt stay still sugests the same thing

5 Aug, 2011


hi Lincass it sounds like Andrena cineraria - Ash mining bee.

Try looking at:
similar question posted there.

click on this site on the page and it will take you to it.

5 Aug, 2011


Grannyb - great site, have bookmarked it for future reference. I think Noseyp is right about it being a hover fly.
Nosey....almost spot on! 96% certain this is what I saw.
The body shape was closest than all the rest.
Thanks both of you....been watching for another all day but nothing has appear :( I'm also thinking that almost half of the things I think are wasps are infact something else. I must take more pictures and research this.
Thanks again guy x

5 Aug, 2011

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