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By Sheilar

Sunderland Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom Gb

Lidl had some beautiful calla lillies in today for £4.99 in full bloom. Are these indoor or outdoor and, if outdoor are they fully hardy? They were in all colours from pale yellow through to black - gorgeous.



They can be outdoors in the summer, Sheila. They're not hardy, so you need to take them somewhere frost-free, let them dry out and start them off again in fresh compost in the spring.

I agree - they're gorgeous. That's a very good price, too!
Did you buy one?

4 Aug, 2011


I didn't buy one as I like to know a bit about a plant before buying but I think I'll buy one on my way into work in the morning (before they sell 'em all). The problem is deciding which colour. I fancy the black one (or is it difficult keeping it this colour?). The other colours were pale lemon, burnt orangey/yellow, mauve, mid purple, and of course black (it's really a very, very dark purple - so dark it looks black). Which colour would you choose Spritz?

4 Aug, 2011 depends what you're going to put it next to!

Go with your instinct, if you fancy a black one! :-)))

4 Aug, 2011


I bought a 'black' one of these 2 weeks ago in Dobbies for £7.99 Sheila.
I'm a bit disappointed as I asked if they were hardy and I was told yes. B****y shop!!
I planted mine in a container with some violet phlox - looks great together. these have bulbs or corms or whatever I need to dig out? Further instruction would be great if you can spritz. Sorry to bother you. I never buy plants that need lifting, moving, storing and covering - hate disappointment when they die!!!!

4 Aug, 2011


I'm trying to think what they looked like. Yes, you'll have to dig them up, and store them in dry compost in a frost-free place until the spring. Do it when the leaves are going over, or you won't be able to find them!

That was either bad plant knowledge from Dobbies, or they just wanted a sale! Grrrr....

5 Aug, 2011


I'm gutted - went to Lidls for a black lily - sold out, only lemon ones left, so I didn't bother!

5 Aug, 2011


Oh, that's a real shame. :-((

5 Aug, 2011


That is a shame Sheila :(
I'm sorry for butting into your
question Sheila x
Spritz when you say dry compost - should I lay some multi purpose in to the sun to dry it out? Last question, I promise....and does it need to be dark? Your help is much appreciated :)

5 Aug, 2011


You could use dry sawdust or wood shavings, or yes, dry the compost in the sun - but this will be late autumn, I'd think. As long as they don't get damp, or they'll go mouldy or even rot. They don't need to be kept in a dark place, as they'll be covered, won't they.

6 Aug, 2011


Thanks spritz.....hadn't thought about them being covered thus they would be in a dark place. Doh!!

6 Aug, 2011



You're welcome. I hope they get through OK. :-))

7 Aug, 2011

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