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i have loads of buds on my clematis but they are not flowering, what am I doing wrong



They'll need copious watering and i think i'd give it a feed, but definately copious watering and not just a couple of watering cans full.

This is assuming that it's not an early flowerer, because then it won't flower again until next year.
Do you know which clem it is, if you don't you'll not know when to prune it or when it's meant to flower.

24 Jul, 2011


Assuming its a late flowering variety, give it a good drink and keep it well watered, as Louise says.

24 Jul, 2011


it is a passion flower, thank you for your comments, I am new to this ,so, I hope I have replyed correctly.


25 Jul, 2011


You've replied correctly, Mal.
Welcome to GoY.
I'm adding your Question to GoYpedia Climbing Plants where it will be of interest to other people.. :o)

25 Jul, 2011

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