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Blue, Bell type flower. what is it?
My neighbour knows her flowers but isn't sure about this one in our local field. does anyone know what it is, please?




It's one of the taller Campanula family.

24 Jul, 2011


Thankyou very much, I just googled blue bell type flower and I thought I had come up with agapanthus! Glad I checked back here as I wasn't sure, cheers Louise1!

24 Jul, 2011


This is the English Harebell ( aka Scottish Bluebell); Campanula rotundiflora.

24 Jul, 2011


I love these, they are so dainty - wish they grew round here!

24 Jul, 2011


Oh thankyou, I said Harebell at the start, but neighbour said not! Ha!, was right for a change.. Cheers Bulbaholic.. and yes Steragram, I agree they are really delicate. Another question, Mr B, do they grow from bulbs then?

25 Jul, 2011


No, Mazzie, they don't grow from bulbs. This is the plant that I use in my arguments for using the scientific name rather than the common name. The Scottish bluebell is actually a campanula, just the same fiberous rooted plant that we grow in our gardens. The English bluebell is a hyacinth (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) and grows from a bulb.

25 Jul, 2011

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