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I planted a clematis in late spring. It is a clematis texencis duchess of albany. The tag says it flowers profusely all summer but while it has put on a lot of growth ( well over six feet there are no sign of flowering and the leaves are speckled light brown. Can anyone help. bredakelly



Are you watering it copiously ?
These plants are a vine - think grapes - and as such need more than a couple of watering cans full of water each time.

Use a hose, liberally, twice a week in drier periods - just relying on the rainfall won't begin to touch what plants need.

24 Jul, 2011


Thanks Louise1. Unfortunately the information supplied by the garden centre was very inadequate so I am grateful for your comments and will do as you suggest. I have been feeding it with tomato plant food once a week but obviously not enough water. bredakelly

24 Jul, 2011

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