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im moving soon and need to know how to transport my rose bushes so they dont die i dont want to leave them as my flats are being delomished due to the 2012 games i have 6 rose bushes and they are about 6foot tall can any one help me please

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Are they in the ground?, if so then moving roses in the green can be quite difficult, first of all you need to prepare the holes for transplanting at your new place, incorporate some well rotted manure if possible, then before moving water the roses thoroughly and try and dig as much of the root out as you can, and pot up and replant as soon as possible and keep them well watered in the following weeks, now dont be surprised if they sulk which they will and may look poor for quite some time but hang in there and be patient and given the correct tlc then they should take, have done this on occaisions and sometimes they have appeared dead but the follwing year they really pick themselves up, a good feed in the spring also helps.

18 Jul, 2011


It's not the normal time for pruning, but these roses' roots are inevitably going to be damaged, so I'd recommend cutting the top growth back so as to reduce the plants' need for water. I'd cut them back to between one and two feet high and hope that they survive. You'll need to keep them well watered for quite a long time after you've replanted them - never mind a few weeks, I reckon you'll need to water them carefully whenever it hasn't rained for a week - til next spring at least.

Good luck, I hope they take in their new home - and that you do too. :-)

18 Jul, 2011

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