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Roses flowering today


This is ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ showing itself for the third time this year!

The little Peach coloured Patio Rose must be over twenty years old now and still blooms at least twice a year.

Rosa ‘Champagne Moment’ has many buds waiting to open, alongside this flower.

This Rose was a free gift at a garden centre, about five years ago and is called ‘Irish Eyes’.

‘Together Forever’ is planted in a small barrel, sadly has some Blackspot on the lower leaves now.

and lastly, a lovely Yellow Rose with one single bloom for this year!

I hope those of you with Roses are still enjoying their blooms.

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Thank you K. ... :o)

Julia, I need to have a regime for looking after Roses i.e. pruning/treating for blackspot. The only thing I regularly do is deadheading faded blooms. Must try harder!

25 Aug, 2021


M'land a lady who lived next door to mum and dad was obsessive as regards the garden, she would cut perfectly healthy trees and shrubs down because they shed leaves onto her bowling green type lawns, except when it came to the roses that grew on arches along the garden path, she always used her hedge trimmer every autumn, they never failed to bloom for her and were amazing...
I have a little blackspot on those roses that I moved last year, I treat mine with a garlic wash...

25 Aug, 2021


I love the Rhapsody in Blue Shirley, I bought Blue Moon a few years back and it has never been any good, perhaps I should try this one instead, you have some really pretty ones,I like the peach one as well, really must stop admiring them as I don't have room for more , lol, I'm forever walking around with my snippers deadheading as it is...

25 Aug, 2021


Julia, dare I admit to having Roseclear spray in the greenhouse? I simply forget to use it!

26 Aug, 2021


Sue, I planted the 'Rhapsody in Blue' rose in 2010 and it never fails to bloom, go treat yourself to one! You must have a space for it, surely, or a big pot . . . :o))

26 Aug, 2021


A wonderful collection ,Shirley,and lovely colours.. I only have one white patio Rose, from a well known supermarket a few years ago,and it blooms so well each year. I got rid of my other Roses a long time ago,and replaced with Perennials,which I find easier to look after..

26 Aug, 2021


Unlike Lincslass I can't stand blue roses! I've never seen a good one & they all look horrible! I don't understand how they were ever allowed onto the market in the first place!

Though I don't like the colour I do like the picture of the rose - I could pretend it's white! 😂 I love all the other roses! I wish I could grow a rose on the balcony but with so little space I'd always be scratched by the thorns!

26 Aug, 2021


That's a lovely collection Shirley, they all look so healthy.

27 Aug, 2021


Sandra, they do need a lot of care, so I don't blame you for having just the one!

Balcony, it's a good thing we don't all like the same plants, what a dull place our gardens and balconies would be! :o)

Thanks Josie, there is a fair bit of blackspot on some of them which I must control better next year!

27 Aug, 2021


I've no roses at all in my new garden Shirley, so I've enjoyed looking at yours. Just a pity I can't smell them too !

27 Aug, 2021


I love your 'Rhapsody in Blue' rose - it is the prettiest blue rose I have seen.
We too have Champagne Moments and it is one of my favourites - just wish it had a scent!
There are so many regular jobs to do in the garden that it is no wonder we forget to do a few ( or a lot ) !!!

28 Aug, 2021


Meadow, by the time I get round to spraying, the stuff will be out of date! Lovely and sunny here this morning .. . hooray!

Julia, will you be planting any Roses, in the garden or in pots?

Chris, that 'blue' Rose is blooming so well now, much better than earlier in the year.

I was surprised to read your Champagne Moment has no scent - I just went to mine, had a sniff of it and it has a lovely perfume - very strange!

29 Aug, 2021


Beautiful ! It's nice to see your roses still flowering Shirley :)

29 Aug, 2021


Hywel, I'm pleased you like them as much as I do.

29 Aug, 2021


Shirley, I'm not sure yet re. the roses....but you never know...

31 Aug, 2021



31 Aug, 2021


I have to make do with miniature roses on the balcony! My wife was given a pot of them for her birthday, months ago, & when they finished flowering I cut them back & put them on the balcony - dividing them up & putting them in individual pots. One of the four died but the other three have grown & flowered again! AS they were looking a bit down lately a week or so ago I moved them onto the kitchen windowsill. I hope they will pick up again & produce some new shoots.

31 Aug, 2021


You have some lovely roses Shirley! Very healthy too, unlike mine now which do have plenty of flowers but all of the leaves with black spot.
I spray them religously in May when the first leaves appear and then again in June, but must admit, didn't do it regularly after that as it was either too windy or wet !
I used to have Rhapsody in Blue and it is a lovely rose.

1 Sep, 2021


David, fingers crossed they thrive for you ...

Rose, I'm sad to say that Blackspot is appearing on some of the leaves now. The one in the barrel, 'Together Forever', was bought as a tribute to my Mum and I really must look after it!

1 Sep, 2021


"David, fingers crossed they thrive for you ..."

Well they aren't making any new growth at the moment but at least they aren't dying either! 👍

3 Sep, 2021



4 Sep, 2021


Perhaps the warmth we are forecast for the week ahead will make them "buck their ideas up" a little! 😂

5 Sep, 2021


I hope they do . . . beautiful sunshine here today, hope it's the same for you.

6 Sep, 2021


Yesterday was cloudy & sunny but very warm. Today we have wall to wall sunshine & 28C, at 2.30 in the afternoon! 😱🌞🔥. In a hour's time we are forecast 29C! 🔥 🔥 🔥 At that time I have an appointment with the diabetics nurse for my annual revision so when I get there (15-20 mins walk) I will be very hot! 🤒

7 Sep, 2021

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