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St Swithun Rose.
We planted this David Austin rose two years ago through membrane (already there when we moved in). It's now flowering quite well. It's labelled as a shrub or short climber.
It has several blooms but the lower ones are on very thin stems which flop with the weight. There is, at the moment, nothing to tie them to. I tried tying them in to each other but it didn't work and it will be difficult to tie them to the drainpipe without the bush looking more messy.
Has anybody got suggestions please?

Rose_1 Rose_2



I would cut those thin stems off, to be honest - what you need to encourage are good, strong stems which grow upright, and at pruning time, part of the pruning routine is to remove thin, weak stems anyway, so in spring, they should have been removed, but you can do it now. Pop the stems in a vase and enjoy the flowers they've got instead.. Its repeat flowering, so you should get more blooms on the upper, stronger parts of growth.

8 Jun, 2019


Just out of interest - if its planted through membrane how do you feed it please?

8 Jun, 2019


That's a good question, Stera. I put down chicken manure pellets in Spring right at the part where the stem meets the ground as the hole in the membrane seems big enough. I will also water it with tomato food from time to time.

You're probably going to say that isn't sufficient! I'm happy to be given other instructions though.

I've cut off the weak stems, Bamboo, but too late to enjoy the blooms indoors. Thank you for the advice.

11 Jun, 2019


The foliage up top looks a little pale - assuming its getting enough light (note I didn't say sunlight, there's been not much of that about recently) give it a handful of proper rose food, something like Toprose. You've just time to do it before end of June...

11 Jun, 2019


Yes it is a little pale, B, but right now I only have chicken pellets and tomato food. I guess neither would do?

I had noticed it the leaves we’re pale but hadn’t got around to it, given the wet. Thanks for the reminder.

14 Jun, 2019


I'm not going to say it isn't enough - I'm no rose grower - only have three. But if it worries you it would be possible to slit the membrane and give you a bit more space to feed through?

14 Jun, 2019


I always think its worth using a proper rose food - its specially formulated with all the correct levels of nutrients for roses.

15 Jun, 2019


Thank you both for your advice I've taken it on board. The next step is to buy some rose food before the end of June.

17 Jun, 2019

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