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Slugs and crushed eggshells
I don’t use slug pellets as I’ve got a dog and I’ve tried things like wool pellets but they left a horrible mess afterwards. I’m trying crushed egg shellls but don’t know if I need to bake them first and also how small I should crush them. Please could someone help?
Many thanks



Slugs will cross crushed eggshells and other types of sharp gravel, I watched an experiment a few years where a large tray of shards of glass were placed

9 Jun, 2019


Oops carried on from previous post,, on a tray plenty of tasty food was left for them, but they had to cross the shards of glass, it looked impossible yet they slithered across all the shards with ease and unscathed they tucked into a banquet of greens, like has been mentioned on here before, orange peel and grapefruit skins are a distraction, or try my method of crushed lavender and rosemary at base of plant possibly combine the two of them.

9 Jun, 2019


Wool pellets can be dug in at the end of summer.

9 Jun, 2019


There was a thread on slug pellets a short while ago that may be worth a look. You can get non-toxic pellets, ASDA call them organic slug pellets, for about £2.50

9 Jun, 2019


I use slug pellets that have animal repellent in them. You can tuck them under the soil around the plant or use some kind of shallow container like a pot drip tray, upside down and pushed into the soil with the pellets underneath.

9 Jun, 2019


Encourage birds to visit your garden. They eat them. I once had a pet turtle that ran after slugs like nobody's business - - then my neighbor found my turtle and made soup. I hope it tasted like slugs. I heard used coffee grinds are an effective slug repellent, so try that. At worst you'd be fertilizing your plants. Coffee grinds are an excellent way to recycle.

9 Jun, 2019


Thank you all that’s really helpful - I’ll continue the battle using your ideas

9 Jun, 2019


I use egg shells a lot and it seems to me that they do leave that plant alone and go find somewhere easier.

11 Jun, 2019


Look at Karen's Blog. May be helpful...

16 Jun, 2019

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