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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom

Hello, just some reassurance please! My standard red robin and standard holly are both looking a bit sad. There is some new growth on both plants, but they are looking a bit sparse in areas. Lots of leaf drop. Saying that, the leaves on the holly which have dropped were brown. The ones dropping off the red robin look a little brown and patchy.
Is this the norm at this time, when there is new growth?
Both get watered regularly. Drainage is fine too. Bought them both last summer.
Feedback most welcome, as they were a bit pricey.



Holly being 'evergreen' drops its leaves all year round, but does lose more of the dead ones in Spring.
We found that Red Robin definitely shed its leaves in late Spring rather than in autumn as one might expect.
If there are good signs of new growth then they are probably ok, wait and see.

9 Jun, 2019


Thanks Owdboggy, that’s a great help to me. I’ll keep an eye on them.

9 Jun, 2019

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