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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

My cucs are 4-5 ft tall and very healthy, but no sign of cucs. Me neighbours are about 2 ft tall with small cucs. What am I doing wrong ?




What is that green thing hanging off the bottom there? Is that a cuc? You probably have different variety so don't compare to your neighbor's. Did you follow instructions on the packet?

9 Jun, 2019


As BG says varieties will differ. Try pinching out the growing tips & giving them a feed with Tomorite.
Let me know if you grow any more watering cans though😄 I think Bathgate needs an eye test there?

9 Jun, 2019


Ha ha Darren you're such a cutzie.

9 Jun, 2019


Thanks guys, will try the tomorite tomorrow.

9 Jun, 2019


I got it wrong guys, I asked a local woman who’s an expert on cucs, and she came and had a look. She found several small ones on both my plants and told me to give them tomorite as did Darren. I didn’t spot one of them !

11 Jun, 2019


That's good. Never let the soil dry out. It will cause them to go bitter - forever. They are extremely thirsty. Also don't let the cucs get too big - about 7-8 inches for best flavor.

12 Jun, 2019


That's good! Could she spot them before flowering?!
I'm a month or so behind because I tried to move mine from pots into the veg patch. Lost every single one... Would your expert know why they hated being put in the (compost rich) soil? Maybe I just went too early...
Got 8 seedlings with some big containers to play catch up, should still get crops. Annoying as I've been washing out big glass jars in anticipation of a good session pickling the little 'uns

12 Jun, 2019


Got that B, I look forward to when they reach that length - they’re all just over 1 inch at present.
I put 2 of my cucs indoors where they grew well and 4 outside which disappeared altogether within 7 days.
My lady has just gone away on holiday so no news from her for a while.

13 Jun, 2019


Your lady should have nice size cucs when she returns.

13 Jun, 2019

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