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Why were my chilles mild in heat this year?


By Amature

United Kingdom Gb

I grew many different varieties of chillies this year in the green house as I have done many years before. However they seemed very mild this year compared to previous years, even the hot varieties. Could anyone tell me what I did wrong?



Probably nothing Amature. Mine were rubbish as well. Not enough sun. Hope you can make more sun this year. My Scotch bonnets were like sweet peppers last year. Lol.


14 Jan, 2009


i had the same problem them somebody suggested that i feed the plants with tom food once and week and made the green house very humid by damping down twicw a day the result was looks of fruit and some that would blow your head off hope this helps

14 Jan, 2009


Strange Donna. I have grown about 10 types for years. I always feed with tomato food and I always keep humid. Isn't gardening weird?


14 Jan, 2009


You should always mist a few times daily, and I feed mine twice a week with high potash (tomato) liquid feed. Perhaps, Amature, you've tried so many that your taste buds have either been killed off or you're just immune to them, heehee.

31 Jan, 2009

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