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Chilli vodka - its ready!


It was ready on the 24th Oct. and I forgot all about it – doh!

25th – trepidation, I remembered about it. There it is lookin’ gorgeous. So inviting with its enticing pale orange /rose colour. So fruity with the chillies lying at the bottom of the bottle. I pick up the bottle, turn it over and let the chillies fall. Wow!, it looks like a lava lamp. Cool!

Come on, pull yourself together, Stjohn. Your only putting off the inevitable.
O.k. I open the bottle. I take a whiff. Vodka with a hint of …something fruityish.
I’ll take a sip. . . Er hang on, there’s fourteen chillies in there. That’s twice as many as the recipe called for.

Right. I pour a drop. I barely touch the liquid with the tip of my tongue.
KABOOM! Someone exchanged vodka for nitro-glycerine and my tongue just detonated it! Frayed, carbonised, smoking and throbbing the poor excuse for flesh is returned to my mouth. I’m instantly soaked in sweat.

“It needth diluting ‘coth it’th a bit on the hot thide.” I squeaked to my missus.

50% chilli vodka/50% neat vodka – equivalent to seven scots bonnet chillies.
Still far too hot for me and my wife.

Further dilution with malibu and mmmm, nice. Dilution with coke – ok. Dilution with good neat vodka -great.
You can taste the fruityness of the chillies. It leaves a warm glow throughout your body.
Conclusion: Great! I’ll Do this again. Well worth it.

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great blog i love the lithp,but i wouldnt have forgotten the date,id have been there on the 24th with glass in hand lol

4 Nov, 2009


Wow. If my plain old damson vodka is tastes anything like as good as your chilli one I shall be very happy. Well done.

4 Nov, 2009


My eyes are watering just at the thought of it !!! Wow !! ;-)

4 Nov, 2009


wow was living that first tasting with you xxx

so well described......

note to self .......research home brews.....

4 Nov, 2009


Oh my god !!!
Think i'll give this a miss ..... waaaaay too hot for me ;-)

5 Nov, 2009


Know what you mean Louise .... phewwww !!! lol

5 Nov, 2009


Not for me either bit of a chicken when it comes to chillies (not that good with vodka either!! - tend to do things I regret later (say no more..) - I have tried my raspberries with white rum this year and will see how that gets on nearer Christmas!

5 Nov, 2009


That sounds REALLY interesting GS ! Mmmm ! lol :-)

5 Nov, 2009


I love vodka but not sure about the chillies, twist my arm and i'l have a small tot though, cheers !!!!!

5 Nov, 2009


Thanks for the comments folks.
This is well worth making, even for those like me who can't take their chilies hot. Just dilute to taste. I think I'll try it with Limeade instead of coke as limes go so well with chillies.
Since trying it, I've been glowing like the "Ready-Brek" kid! ;-)

8 Nov, 2009


The chilli vodka is too powerful for me to drink neat. I found (after much experimenting) a shot of chilli vodka, a shot of malibu, top up with coke and add a couple of slices of fresh lime, mmmm hhmm!

7 Feb, 2010


First...thanks for the comment
Second.....thanks for the fab Idea for my Adults only Christmas Presents!!! I made Lemoncello last thinks ChilliCello this Year!!!

13 Jun, 2010

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