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What is up with my Bonsai?

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently bought this Chinese Elm and have been following instructions carefully to prune and feed. It seems to be going fine so far.

However I would like some pointers on on a few things. Like what advice can you give on watering and feeding my chinese elm it is about 4 years old.

I also have noticed that as the below picture shows it has a white (mould maybe) substance at the bottom of the trunk is this due to rot or over watering and damp? Look forward to finding out more.

Thanks Harry




Hello Harry. That is a fine looking tree with excellent trunk, I think the white may be where water has evaporated over the years, or possibly Lichen. The tree looks fit so doubt if iut is anything to worry about. Keep it cool but frost free and in good ,light , When the surface dries up water from below by soaking in a tray of water.Remove from water as soon as surface darkens. Start feeding at half Manufacturer's recommended strength at end of February.

14 Jan, 2009

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