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Anti dog spray


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

I wonder if anyone can tell me what to use on my plants to keep my old terrier Finn from watering them. I have lost so many now that I'll have to do something! Many thanks in anticipation!



Try pepper.

4 Jan, 2009


Or cayenne pepper.

There is a product you can get over here called Critter Ridder. It's supposed to be 100% natural mineral and vegetable ingredients. It claims to "repel dogs, cats, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, mice, rats, deer, gophers, moles and other animals". I don't know if you can get it or something similar over there but it might be worth looking into.

5 Jan, 2009


you can also get that green jelly stuff, think it is called 'keep off', i have found that is very effective for cats and dogs.

5 Jan, 2009

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