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Pets fouling on the lawn


By Jock

United Kingdom Gb

I have just moved into my first home and with it my eldest daughter was granted her wish of having a dog. The question is that he goes in the garden to do his business. I now have several yellow areas on the lawn. I treat the garden to Miracle Grow fortnightly and regularly water the lawn but this is not preventing the yellow patches. I bought some pepper dust this afternoon but Jock just walked over and wee 'd on it. Is there a treatment to rejuventate the problem areas?



It's usually only bitches that make yellow patches, not dogs. Henry wees in the garden and doesn't harm the grass. However, I believe that there's something that you can buy from pet shops or vets to put in the drinking water which helps. Otherwise, it might sound crazy, but keep a watering can near where he 'goes' and water the place at once, thus diluting the wee. This should do the trick.

26 Jul, 2008


If you can find some gypsum it will work wonders on the spot... I use left over gyprock pieces from walls removed in renovation... it softens with water...and you can strip away the heavy paper to expose the mineral core...remove a small chunk and pulverise it...spread the powder over the dead area and water in...hth...

27 Jul, 2008


Do not believe itis only bitches that cause this problem. I have a two year old male German Shepherd that urinates on the lawn and leaves many brown rings. I have tried many things without success and find that a quick water can when he goes does helps,but one is not always there.

28 Jul, 2008


We had westie bitch - we used 'Greenum' tablets for her. They really did seem to work and although the grass was not picture perfect we did not have yellow patches

17 Jan, 2010


I have just seen this, where my Bitch Shih tzu wee's I've noticed the grass is going a darker green Oooo! Errrr! better than yellowing grass LOL

14 Jun, 2010

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