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What a shock!!


As I turned to Bloomers. (Sandra)… Blog, Poppy of a different kind, I couldn’t believe my eyes……..there was our daughters dog Colin, in all my years on GOY…….. nobody has ever put a picture on of a Daxie, (besides me)….I had to admit, I thought it was Colin!!! But I knew it couldn’t be, because we had to say farewell to him, after 151/2 loyal years ….it was one of the most upsetting things we have ever had to do, he was without doubt the most intelligent, brave, adaptable, funny, greedy, annoying but he was Colin, there will never be another , there is a huge hole left in our hearts…….
I hope Sandra’s daughter will have the same loving relationship as we all had with Colin…….just a few of the many photos I took over the years….

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Oh Angela..I can see how you would think it was your Colin ,on posting a photo of Poppy,our daughters little Daxie..the likeness is unbelievable,and the timing,completely unknown to us both,came at a very sad and emotional time for you..

Colin was a lovely little dog,and you must all miss him more than words can say..I'm so sorry for your loss,as I think a lot of us have gone through the pain of losing a loved pet.I had a Yorkshire Terrier when I was young,and he lived till he was 16.I still miss him :o(

Thinking of you all xxx

6 Sep, 2019


I'm sorry to hear about Colin. I've never had a Daxie, but he reminds me a bit of Molly. The way you describe him. Molly is now 13 1/2. Every single day she finds new ways to challenge me. The current 'battle of wills' is over her determined efforts to take ownership of whatever space is allocated to Willow the Lab. She makes at least four attempts each evening, to get on to Willow's bed and then wriggle herself into the centre so that Willow has to get off. And when she succeeds, Willow complains vocally until I sort it out! Tonight, so far, she's only made it to the corner of Willow's bed once, but my oh my, she is a tryer! Sometimes she even walks past the big bed and then reverses slowly until her bottom reaches the edge before sneaking it slowly down can picture this I am sure. It is hilarious and exasperating in equal measure! One day she will go, and that day is only getting nearer...we will miss her so much. She has been with us since the children were 15 and 14. A huge part of their lives and we have so many memories of all of her various antics and all the illnesses and operations and obsessions. Hey ho.

6 Sep, 2019


When I was a child, neighbours two doors away had one just Like Poppy and Colin, his name was Dash, lol, never saw one around for donkeys years, I don't think I've ever seen another one locally, a friend on Fb walks her mums and often puts photo's on to show us, he is another look alike...It does break your heart when you have to say goodbye, they become so much a part of the family, your photo's are lovely, so very sorry Dotty.. Sue xx

7 Sep, 2019


Sorry to hear about Colin DD. We've only ever had Siamese cats in the past, but they became a member of the family and when they went, it was heart-breaking, so I feel for you DD. It's good to remember all those special moments and treasure them. So sorry. x

8 Sep, 2019


When I was young (decades ago) my Mother had Daxies, two Standards and about five miniatures. The gamekeeper in the woods used to come and tell her that they were working as a pack down the rabbit holes and could she come and get them? Nice days then, they would probably be shot these days, that's if there was even a gamekeeper!

8 Sep, 2019


Honeysuckle, we had to stop him trying to get down one of the foxes holes, we were worried he would get stuck!!
Lindak, we had Burmese and Abbysinian cats, plus several tabbies, and many dogs, over our 56 years, and it's has always been difficult to say goodbye, but some more than others have a special place in your heart.....
Lincs many thanks, difficult not to get attached to our furry friends....Colin was such a character, everybody loved him....
Karen, you really cheered me up, I had to laugh at Mollies antics to get her way, poor Willow...Colin never had an illness, bar a few fleas now and again, he was the only one in the litter, so he had the best of everything.. our grandchildren have know him all their lives, he came before they were born...
You will certainly miss Molly, but at least you will have Willow, which will help to get over the loss.....
Sandra, it was almost spooky seeing your picture of the gorgeous Poppy!! I had to do a double take!
Our daughter is still very upset she thought the world of him, and he loved her too, but we have lots of happy memories too.....
Thanks to all my lovely GOY friends, for your very kind thoughts and comments.....

8 Sep, 2019


They always leave a big hole when they go. I've always had cats, I remember every one of them, even the ones when I was a child. I think the present one Jessie will be the last. Now in her 14th year & on a special kidney diet. A few more years yet I hope. Remember all the good times
you had together.

9 Sep, 2019


Feverfew they do you say, remember the good times, and there were plenty......(ʘᴗʘ✿)

9 Sep, 2019


What a lovely boy Dd, so awful to lose a dog, they are very like children as they never really grow up, only old. My old girl Rosie, smooth coat on my profile pic,, must be about 16 now. She has hardly any hearing and her sight is not too good, but she's still happy and quite healthy. I use a sort of sign language with her. Losing her will be terrible. My other old girl in profile pic Meg had to be pts a couple of years ago and I miss her very much, still in my dreams sometimes. This new tiny lot I somehow acquired have helped take my mind off things. Perhaps a new family member could help your daughter?

13 Sep, 2019


BA luckily our daughter has two children that are very time consuming, we will be getting his ashes back soon, we will sprinkle them around our garden, he could find his way around ....never fell in the pond, but loved hunting for the frogs, could smell them, as his eyes had gone...a long time ago...
You never forget your pets, but some you love more than others, depends on their character.......there will never be another Colin....that's for sure....
Thanks for your kind comments....(✿ ♡‿♡)

14 Sep, 2019

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