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I have recently planted up all of my baskets and containers using fresh compost etc. I have now noticed that there appears to be white mould on the surface of the soil and some of the smaller plants, i.e. fuschia cuttings have wilted and died. Please help before I lose the lot.



You say CUTTINGS have wilted and died. I realise there are probably other plants, but cuttings need more TLC than being expected to grow on in a basket planting. Most gardeners plant up little pot grown cuttings or plants bought at the nursery. The plants take up the water and nutrients and grow. The soil surface dries and you water it. Now and again a plant wilts and dies but not SO many. Are the baskets too wet and/or in cool shade? If so take the white off the surface and let them dry off a bit.

25 Jun, 2011

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