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Could anyone please tell me what this is please and can the splints be used for hedging?

S1330001 S1330002



Looks like Forsythia. Covered in yellow flowers in the spring. Prune after flowering. I have found it is very easy to root pieces of this, and have seen hedges done with it as well.

25 Jun, 2011


Yes it is forsythia and yes you can take cuttings . As Cinderella says ,normally the cuttings grow quite easily.

25 Jun, 2011


It's the biggest Forsythia I've seen! Crikey.....

25 Jun, 2011


Not sure if that is all Forsythia, but they do grow like that if not pruned back.

25 Jun, 2011


Thank you all for your helpful comments. We will be taking cuttings and hedging a part of our garden. :-)

25 Jun, 2011


Forsythia also puts out runners which can be cut off and transplanted to where you need them.

8 Oct, 2011

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