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I have grown some strawberries and have noticed that some of them are badly mis-shapen (they look very puckered on the base of the fruit), could you tell me why.



yes I can but it is a bit of a biology lesson i'm afraid :o)

each pip on the surface is a fertilized fruit that has swollen material that we call 'fruit' behind it. what has happened here is that not all the ovules [plant eggs] were pollinated then fertilized. as a result some areas of the developing fruit didnt get the plant hormones needed to swell the area we call the fruit. Apart from looking less than perfect the strawberry is perfectly edible.

this often happens when there is a dry spell, I have known people mist the flowers to help fruit set.

hope this helps.

25 Jun, 2011


Thank you, Seaburngirl for the answer, I do have a net over them to stop cats going on and the birds from taking the fruit, so some of the fruits will not have been pollinated by the bees possibly and it has been quite wet here, I think I will invest in a bigger holed net so that the bees can easily go in and do their bit.
Thanks again

26 Jun, 2011

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