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I would like to grow raspberries and notice plants/canes are on sale at the moment in my local garden centre. However all the books say plant in the summer. Should and buy and plant now and if so, do they need a lot of winter protection?



We have always planted canes in autumn with no trouble. They are as tough as old boots too.

17 Nov, 2008


Us too Boggy. No problems.

17 Nov, 2008



17 Nov, 2008


Thank you - off to Squires tomorrow to buy some canes then. 'The books' say dig 1ft deep by about 3' as roots spread, so it looks like hard work this week.

17 Nov, 2008


While you are planting your raspberries, why not think of some other fruit. Why not make a fruit cage which you can cover and have all the fruit yourself. You could use part of the fence as a backcloth instead of all climbers.

18 Nov, 2008


Good idea Doctorbob1 - but making a fruit cage is probably beyond me.How would it be covered? I do like the idea of other fruits though,particularly gooseberries which I love.

18 Nov, 2008


Make sure that you put in some stout posts and wires to train the shoots on. Raspberries fruit on the previous year's growth (unless they are of the Autumn fruiting sort) so don't prune the shoots until after they have fruited. Instead of a fruit cage you can drape netting over them at fruiting time to deter the birds. Add an extra high wire above the others just for the netting.

19 Nov, 2008

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