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By Normanh

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

i bought 10 glen ample raspberry canes in 1 litre pots in october, planted them out. they are approx 3-4 ft high, i am getting conflicting advice from the nursery about pruning question is ' do i cut them down to 9 inches or leave them alone?'



If these are the fruiting canes for next year you need to leave them alone or you wont have any fruit. Copy and paste the link below into your web browser to read the RHS info

1 Dec, 2010


Yes. Summer raspberry canes are biennial. That is they grow in year one and fruit in year 2, then you cut them right out at the base. The two sorts are quite easy to distinguish as the older ones are more branched and won't have nice green buds all down them. However, if in doubt leave them on til Spring as you can't stick them back on again!! Autumn fruiting raspberries (which you really must get!) fruit on the current season's growth, just to confuse things!!

1 Dec, 2010


I wasn't impressed with the flavour of our autumn rasps. Volunteer they seemed a bit insipid.

1 Dec, 2010


Many has become much clearer now....i got the canes from blackmoor nurseries, Autumn Bliss as well, excellent plants, 2 quid a pop which i thought was reasonable but got 2 different replies to my query about pruning...once again many thanks

4 Dec, 2010

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