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A friend asks how to overwinter her Fusia. Its a Bella Rozella Trailing. Thought you might help.

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Sorry I have just found your site. Dont have a picture at the moment.

On plant Bella Rozella



Hi Kiethatc, welcome to GOY, the best way to over winter is in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse. your fucsia will go dormant over winter, so water very sparingly. then once the new growth apears in spring you can pot up or top dress it, feed and snap off all the dead ends of the branches which will increase growth, and bring it back out after the danger of frost has past May time. if your friend does not have a greenhouse or cold frame then as long as it is planted in a frost hardy pot, you may get away with it in a very sheltered spot in the garden, with a double layer of fleece for protection. i have got away with this before now, another good winter spot is inside a covered porch or balcony - again protect with fleece. at a real push bring into the house, but keep well away from central heating. hope this helps.

13 Nov, 2008


If you search for Goy-member Blodyn (called Hywel), he's v keen on fuchsias, and has written an excellent blog on this question.

13 Nov, 2008


there are various ways of keeping fuchsias over winter.
i keep my half hardies in a cold greenhouse. the hardy ones i always plant deep and put a layer of mulch round the base of the plant befor the cold weather sets in, the main danger to the plants are frost getting to the roots. hardy fuchsias are not hardy if they are kept in containers or pots as the roots can freeze. plants taken into the greenhouse should have all the fallen foliage and leaves removed from the pots as these can harbour moulds etc. allow the compost to dry off slightly as cold and wet can cause root rot, but dont let them dry out completely as the plant would die. I cut mine back before they go dormant as this allows air to circulate. when new growth is seen in the spring give the plants a feed with a good fertiliser (i use tomorite). but of course the best precaution against losing a plant that you treasure is to take a couple of cuttings and keep them on a window sill in the house.or better still make presents of them to your friends then if for any reason yours dies you will be able to get cuttings from the your friends to replace them. i was reading an article about fuchsias where they recommended lieing the fuchsias down on thier sides and burying them over winter but i think that this would only really be used where the climate is extreme

14 Nov, 2008


which roots can you trim to use smaller pots for overwintering in the greenhouse

20 Oct, 2009

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