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By Fergy

County Durham, United Kingdom

I have a Winston Churchill fuchsia plant which is starting to spread out (see photos) has anyone any ideas whats the best way to stop the top spreading please?



Difficult when they are that compact. I would normally cut back 1/3 of the branches to side branches, starting with the longest ones, and pinch out 1/2 of the remaining tips. With this plant, all of the tips are at nearly the same level, making it hard to find a good place to cut. You could shear it all back, but isn't there less than a month of growing season left where you are?

4 Sep, 2017


Yep, less than a month, maybe less than that by the sound of the weather forecast, with significantly cooler temperatures coming, and it'll soon enough look like a bunch of dead sticks anyway. It's not a good idea to cut back now - you should leave it as it is and cut it down next April, as growth begins - you can take it down to an inch from the soil then.

It looks like it might be in a pot, and fuchsias are vulnerable to cold temperatures through their roots, so if this winter turns out to be an actual winter and not just an extended 'autumn' like the last two, protect the pot by wrapping it in fleece, or moving the whole thing to somewhere out of the worst of the weather.

4 Sep, 2017


I've always treated this one as tender and brought it under cover for the winter. It is unusually compact as Tug says.Just wondering whether next year a bigger pot might suit it better - the leaves look a bit smaller than they should be to me and also a much brighter green. Also wondering why all the flowers are on one side. Have you been cutting it back already? That would explain why its so dense as its normal habit is rather taller than that.. its not usual to cut them back in the growing season as it encourages a lot of side shoots , which is what you've got here..

4 Sep, 2017


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4 Sep, 2017

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