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do I cut back the fuchias before taking inside



It's up to you. Personally I always leave them until the spring when they start growing again, then I know how far back I can cut them.

29 Nov, 2020


I leave mine till spring too,but I cut off any little straggly bits,to tidy it up.The leaves will drop anyway,so will need removing.

29 Nov, 2020


welcome to GoY Barry.

I usually leave mine un pruned in case they get too cold /frosted in the unheated greenhouse. Then in the spring when new growth starts I prune back to new growth. Any dead wood is then easy to see.

29 Nov, 2020


So do I. Keep them in the coolest room you have and don't water them until spring. First thing then is to gently spray them with cool water which will soon show you which branches if any are still alive.New growth will start at soil level in any case.

29 Nov, 2020


PS Just thought - you didn't put your county on your profile or say what varieties you have but unless you live well North the hardy ones will be OK outside as long as they are in the ground

30 Nov, 2020

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