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can i grow cannellino beans in england?


By Beanie

United Kingdom Gb

I have bought a packet of Bush bean Impero Bianco (cannellino beans), what do you think my chances are of getting any beans? I dont have a green house, but i have a poly tunnel type thing. live in east anglia



Hi Beanie - I checked my RHS book and that doesn't even mention cannellini beans (that's the spelling BTW). I googled it and came up with this site - :- said about cannellinis “You can even plant packaged dried beans from the supermarket, a very inexpensive way to buy seed!” but the site didn't give much specifics about cannellinis. Sorry, this is all I could come up with. Hope it helps.

9 Nov, 2008


Why not just try them! They can decide for themselves! You would have to treat them like any other bean and keep them frost free then lots of sun and give the pods time to dry before harvesting. We grew Borlotti beans last year and managed to get beans from them but didn't succeed this year.

10 Nov, 2008


Yes-I certainly will give it a go! I feel the pioneer spirit. Thanks sid & volunteer for your advice & encouragement. It says cannellino beans on the packet I think there is more than one name for them.

10 Nov, 2008


Go Beanie! ha ha - good luck with it :-) Re the spelling - I had no idea how to spell it, but I put your spelling into Google and it came back saying "Did you mean Cannellini?" my spelling's rubbish.... x-D

10 Nov, 2008

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