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Sweatpea seeds


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland

Bought on Thursday .Is it too early to sow them for Spring?

What are your thoughts on this.



Hi Scotkat,
More haste less speed, sweet peas are long day flowering.
Sown now will only give you less room for other propogation, short days will draw your young plants. Sow the sweet peas in January when the snow is on the ground, to reflect light into your greenhouse or kitchen window sill.

8 Nov, 2008


Now here I disagree with you, Docbob. Scotkat, I wrote a blog about growing sweetpeas in newspaper pots a short while ago. I start mine off in October/ November and over-winter them as small plants in the greenhouse or coldframe. This gives them a very good start in the spring when I plant them out and they flower earlier than spring-grown ones, and germinate.better than winter-sown seeds.

8 Nov, 2008


So Barbara could sow mine tomorrow.

8 Nov, 2008


If Scotkat lives in the North it is late for this year, January is not far away.
My best results are in spagnum moss tied with bass.
I think back to showing with 6 spencers and 18" stalks, Air warden, Princess Elizabeth and Mrs. R. Bolton.

8 Nov, 2008


Wouldn't she need some heat in January? I would still take the risk and plant some now - and then more in early spring, to be sure of having some healthy plants for next year.

Docbob, I know I am not an expert, I am just telling Kath what has worked for me.

8 Nov, 2008


can I come in here please.... I always sow mine in October, in fact done it today. about 10 seeds each in 6 inch pots and left in then cold frame until the spring. unless they strat coming through before it gets really cold, then I just pinch out the shoots

8 Nov, 2008


Think I will go with you then Milky .

And Barbara try some just now and then again Spring.

A real test fo rthis North part of Scotland:)

8 Nov, 2008


Good luck! Yes, I pinch out the shoots after the plants have 2 pairs of 'real' leaves. Forgot to say that.

9 Nov, 2008


Just went to my box of seeds ready to sow and no sweet pea seed I was sure I bought them did pick them up in Dobbies .

Dont know where they have gone.

9 Nov, 2008


Can you get more - or would you like me to send you some? I have far too many! Send me a PM if you'd like some.

9 Nov, 2008

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