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Surrey, United Kingdom

We have blackfly on our runner beans for the first time in 30 years of gardening and nothing seems to be working to get rid of them! please help!

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It sounds like an epidemic in the UK! Blackfly control on anything you eat involves thorough, consistent spraying. Organic remedies for the most part have no residual action, and only kill the bugs you actually touch with the spray. So, when you spray, be sure to completely cover the stems and leaves, top and bottom with your chosen control. Any blackfly that you miss will repopulate the plant in about a week, maybe a little longer in cool weather, so re-spraying every three days to a week is the usual recommendation. If neem oil is available in the UK, it's non-toxic, and keeps the baby blackflies from shedding their skins as they grow. It's one of the few organic remedies with a residual action, but it works best as a preventative. Hope this helps!

31 Jul, 2010

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