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I have a 2-3ft bay tree growing in a container outside. It grows well but the leaf are starting to lose colour. They are a yellow green instead of dark green. They are not dying or drying up. I am sure they are missing something but not sure what.



As it is in a pot you should feed it from time to time with a general food like Growmore or better still tomato feed.


6 Nov, 2008


Your plant is hungry and very likely pot bound! The best thing you can do for it is get it out of its pot. It will really thank you next spring and take off!

Tomato feed is NOT a general feed like growmore.

6 Nov, 2008


Who said it was?

6 Nov, 2008


what is your tree exactly ?

we need to know for to detect the illness

6 Nov, 2008


I have 2 Standard bays at my back door and they get fed with whatever im using at the time, eg Miracle grow or Tomatoe feed and there beautifully fit and healthy...

6 Nov, 2008


My Bay is now about 20 feet tall. It's on my pictures (number 59) behind my cordy. That was fed, whilst still in pot, like yours Dee. Either Growmore or tomato feed. The beauty of tomato feed, as opposed to 7-7-7, is that it is high in potassium and doesn't encourage lush growth so whilst feeding your potted Bay, does not let the top growth run away at the expense of the cramped roots. Now my Bay is in the ground I don't feed it at all.


7 Nov, 2008

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