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Poinsetter plant


By Artysue

United Kingdom Gb

I have had a poinsetter plant since last Christmas, it is quite dark in my house and its .warm too. It has started to lose its leaves going yellow then dropping off! Can anyone tell me what I`m doing wrong? While it was warm outside I put it outside but can`t now as it`s too cold.please help!



To be quite honest, Artysue, I really don't think that Poinsettias are worth keeping at this stage. It's a complicated process to get them to turn red again, and if it is beginning to drop its leaves then get rid of it and enjoy a new one when they come into the shops/Garden Centres!

31 Oct, 2008


I keep mine all year to only do as Spritz suggests. It always turns green again and loses leaves. I've heard put it in the dark, put it in a room full of natural light (not light bulbs), give it a cold spell.

At the end of the day it's been happy and it's had a good life but in a months time it goes to the compost heap and I buy another.

1 Nov, 2008


Lack of light - too much water I would guess....

1 Nov, 2008

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