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problem with established yew hedge


By Cpreen

United Kingdom Gb

I have a yew hedge planted from bareroot stock 10 years ago.some of the hedge has thrived and stands over 10 ft high whilst other parts have flourished not quite as well but still forming n acceptable hedge.This year several individual shrubs appear to have died or deteriorated with needles turning brown.The soil is heavy clay and occasionaly has standing water.I am aware that yew does not like its feet wet but cant undestand why adjacent shrubs can vary to such an extent.What/when should I do to replace dead/dying units ?Is there an alternative shrub I could consider interplanting in the hedge which would be more tolerant to the soil/drainage conditions.

On plant taxus baccata



Hi Cpreen,
I had this problem 15years ago with a yew hedge at the bottom of a 45 degree bank laying in water.
I sent 1 shrub to Wisley, the result, one of the Phitopthora. To remedy this I dug a trench 18ins. deep, drenched it with Armillatox and filled up with ballast.
The yew were 5ft. high when planted, now the hedge is growing at it's best.
You could dig out your old dead trees and soil, put in tall Castle Wellen, 10ft. high. Hope it would not look like a pig with one ear. Lol.

1 Nov, 2008


From now onwards is the time to plant bare-root hedging, if that's what you decide to do.

However, before you do this, is there any chance of improving the soil as you remove the dead/dying ones? This should not be too big a job, as you would have to dig holes anyway. The best solution would be to dig over where you are going to plant, leave the clay soil to be broken down by the frost, then, in the spring,to improve the soil, dig in lots of organic material, well-rotted manure and horticultural grit as well. Delay the planting until after the winter - and then you could plant anything you wanted to - even new yew shrubs!

1 Nov, 2008

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