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Potted yew tree turning brown.

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We have two yew trees that are in individual pots. The trees are 1 1/2 to 2 feet in height and are positioned side-by-side on a south facing balcony. We live near the sea and are subject to strong southeasterly winds. My question is- one of the trees is slowly turning brown from the base upwards, the other tree is fine. What should I do?

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Could it be in need of more watering than the other? Is it more exposed to drying wind? Just a thought.

1 Feb, 2009


With ref to more watering and/or drying wind-
I'm wondering if it's getting too much water. I suppose it is possible that it could be suffering wind damage. It may be a weaker plant than the other. Both were purchased and potted at the same time. Still uncertain though!

2 Feb, 2009


How are your Yew trees coming on?
If you're still having problems try repotting after washing off all the soil in cat litter (no joke- see my blog). that way it's impossible to overwater.
Also repot into a pot that's unglazed on the inside but glazed on the outside to reduce drying out by those winds.

25 Jan, 2016

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