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Limp wallflowers

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I planted several pots of wallflowers recently and within hours they went totally limp. They have now recovered but as this has happened before I just wondered why this happens with wallflowers. Any help greatly appreciated.



Hi Stoneleighsmith. It only happens when you don't water them in enough. They need loads of water when transplanting. Don't know the physiological reason but they do. They also benefit from being pinched out to encourage bushing and having the tap root removed to encourage growth of fibrous roots through which the plant feeds.


1 Nov, 2008


Your pots would have been dry when you planted your wallflowers, the sun and wind would dry them out as well. It's normal for plants to flag when transplanting. The leaves cannot keep up the moisture which is being transpired, the root hairs have been broken off.
Make sure the plants are firm in the ground.

1 Nov, 2008

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