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fox trouble


By Milky

United Kingdom Gb

how or what can I use or put down to stop foxes digging up my shrubs along the bottom of my garden. The problem is people that back onto ours have a pond the other side of the fence and their toads or frogs come out to hibernate under my winter mulches . Then I find half dug up shrubs and headless bodies left in my veggie patch.



hi M, is it definitely a fox doing this? dont know the answer im afraid as to how you could stop it, but im sure someone on here can help. only answer i can give you is , sent the fox here , i love them lol

31 Oct, 2008


Hi Milky,

I had a similar problem with foxes playing / digging / diving / etc in my lovely mulched borders and planting areas!!

One thing seems to be for sure - firm action is needed otherwise it becomes a long term nuisance, in my experience.

What I did was to buy some fairly thing gauge galvanised sheets of wire. I got mine from B&Q, in sheets appx 1metre square, with the mesh itself being small internal squares appx 1cm square.

This mesh is easy to cut with pliers or small wire clippers.

Basically, place the sheets an inch or so under your soil to stop the foxes digging down. Obviously you have to cut little semi - circles in the sheets to place them around the stems of your shrubs and you have to mix and match the sheets a bit to fit your border but it's well, well worth it!!! No more coming out in the morning to soul wrenching sight of our lovingly planted shrubs half in the ground and half out!!!

When I did my garden as described above I also took the opportunity of placing weed contol fabric / membrane under the mesh to cut down on my weeding too!!! I then bought some cobbbles and placed these over the top of the mesh as both decoration and to hold the mesh down in place.

Yes it means a small outlay for the mesh & cobbles and a few hours putting it in but it is a permanent soloution and well worth it. You don't have to use cobbles - just any stone or similar that can be placed over the mesh at intervals to hold it in place.

The foxes can't dig through the mesh, the weeds dont come through the fabric and the plants still get all the water and good stuff that they need :)

Everybody wins!!! Yayyy!!!!!!

Good luck, hope that helps.

1 Nov, 2008

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