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I am having trouble finding an indoor plant called 'MING ARALIA' (polyscias) Do you by any chance stock this, If so could you please advise size, and prices. If you dont have, maybe you could advise as to where I might be able to purchase this. Hope you can help. Thank you.

On plant MING ARALIA (polyscias)




hello. I have just read your question, typed all the words "polyscias ming aria" into the search bar and up came lots of plants for sale on ebay or in ebay shops, some of them bonsai. Give it a try. Hope this helps.

30 Oct, 2008


Starting in early spring, many garden center/home improvement stores will carry Ming Aralias at their Indoor houseplant departments. They're bought up quickly, though, so no guarantees on it being in stock. They're usually inexpensive compared to some on-line dealers; mine was only about $7.97 for a 6" container specimen. Now the caveat: everything depends on how it was initially propogated and raised; here's an awesome website with great info concerning this.

My Ming, which I simply treasure, did lose leaves and branches from time to time. It's now re-potted using lots of sphagnum peat moss and organic humis added in to the mix for better drainage and it seems much happier! I don't let it dry out, but keep it very slightly moist. It's also under a grow light, which does it well. I fertilize only a few times a year. It is undoubtedly, my favorite houseplant (hope the other don't find out)!
Happy hunting and enjoy you're new Ming!

26 Feb, 2009

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