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Callicarpa bodinieri in a pot?

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can you grow Callicarpa bodinieri, in a pot

On plant Callicarpa bodinieri



Hi Bulldoglady. Apparently to get the beautiful berries in any number you have to grow several plants together. As each individual plant can grow to about 8 feet (2.5 metres) across by about 10 feet high, there could be problems. The exception is the cultivar 'Profusion' which will fruit grown as a solo plant but still grows to this size.

I always say that you can grow any plant in a pot as long as the pot is big enough and correct feeding is followed but this one would (as you can see) require a pot at least the size of a galvanized dustbin. That being said, growing it in a smaller pot would probably limit its size but whether you would then get it to fruit I just don't know. Somebody else may be able to tell you but I doubt if any one here has actually tried it.

My initial answer would be 'Can you grow it in a pot?' - 'Yes.' 'Can you grow it to its full potential in a pot?' - 'Doubtful.' And I am well known as an optimist.


31 Oct, 2008

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