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I am 61 years old, female, have lots of children and grandchildren and my husband of 38 years and I am a very keen gardener. I live in the very south of England - any further and I would be in the water! My garden has lots of arches leading through to different "rooms" and at the moment, I am making changes to one of them. There are lots of trees either in my garden or the other side of the fences all the way around so there is a lot of shade. Also, we have two lovely dogs, a white westie called Tilly and a whippet called Bramble - both female which causes the usual problem of patches now and then - and because of them racing eachother around and the wear from all the family, the grass is the bane of my life. I have done everything including having both lawns (lawns??) relaid last year and still it did not solve the problem and so I am having the flower bed on the righthand side up onto the big lawn widened greatly and a path laid to overcome the problem. I will post some photographs of before and after later on. I have also had the first shed we ever bought taken down and another, larger one erected with a sitting area next to it - attached - with a verandah in front and running the length of the shed. I designed it and it looks very nice with trellis accross the front for all the Clematis and other climbers to cover. I will post pictures of that soon, too.

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