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whats the best way to deal with mole hills



Use a shovel and remove the topsoil, then brush the lawn over to distribute the rest. At least you get some good soil to use elsewhere!

17 Mar, 2010


Moles don't seem to like my lawn now that I use Westlands Weed & Feed. The smell is quite strong. Also, When I see molehills in the borders etc. I put the 'nasty bits' from the cat litter tray down the hole. They hate it. I expect using dog mess down the hole would do the same!! Sory this answer is a bit disgusting but it does work. When we moved here we had twenty molehills at a time in the lawn. Nextdoor still has the same but he doesn't use anything other than traps when it gets too much. Hope this helps.

17 Mar, 2010

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