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How do I over winter my fuchsia without a greenhouse?



Hello Chrisyann,
I have the same fuchsias& they are now at least 7yrs. old, and seeing I live on the coast in British Columbia Canada, I think this will work for you as well in England.(my fuchsias are in pots)
I cut them down, not too severely, water them well & put them under my deck for the Winter where they get NO moisture. They survive our wild winter storms,that blows in there, but they are snuggly tucked away. I take them out in March & hide them under a big tree etc. so they will not get frost, but light. Now i feed them & water them well. Goodluck.

24 Oct, 2008


Hi Chrissieann. Just to add to that, if you don't have a deck, (not too many people in the UK do) then fleecing it will have the same affect. Don't use bubble wrap, it will rot off. If you are in N.E. Scotland. Hard luck.


24 Oct, 2008


One of my books suggests burying fuchsias in a trench...not tried it tho!

25 Oct, 2008


Can U over winter it in your garage?? so U do not have decks, do you then have concrete/brick patios??

27 Oct, 2008


Cover the fuchsia with old newspapers scrinched up, then cover with bubble wrap & then a large plastic bag.
Works for me.

29 Jul, 2009

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