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By Sheba

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how do you grow peppers from seed,by the way thanks john for you answer to my last question



Peppers (sweet or chilli) require a long growing season, so you'll have to start in late January/early February. Sow the seeds according to packet instructions. The most vital thing at the sowing stage is heat. Usually, I have the seed trays in the house above, say, a radiator. Once the seeds have germinated, and as more leaves appear, light becomes more important. I usually sow singly into 2" pots rather than trays, to save doing this later. In late March or so, the potted plants can be put out into a greenhouse (if you have one), with no heat during the day but with some overnight. I repot into 4" pots, then 6", as the plants grow. The best ultimate size of pot is 10" diameter. Once flowers appear, begin feeding with liquid high potash feed (tomato plant food) at least twice weekly.

This sounds like a lot of effort, but peppers are actually very easy to grow from seed, and you get such lovely fruit from them. Good Luck!

19 Oct, 2008

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