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Virginia Creeper


By Cyrus

Sheffield, United Kingdom Gb

How everyoneCan someone tell me when wer are expecting to see virginia creepers fall their leaves? mine is not that big and spread but it already lost its leaves.. I was expecting to see those beautiful red leaves much longer.



Welcome to GOY It may be that it is short of water. Its roots near the wall are somtimes bypased by overhanaging eaves. or has someone damaged the stems,, perhaps mistaking them for Ivy. Soil temperature has a big influence on leaf fall, possibly cold and wet Autumn would shorten leaf life

18 Oct, 2008


just give it time to establish you dont sound like you had much problem in its green stage so its probably ok.there are so many factors to consider but mother nature comes through every time.i have 2 types and bothe are real hardy.i hope this has helped bye for now

19 Oct, 2008


Hallo Cyrus - no, the leaves don't stay on very long once they have changed colour - one or two windy days and off they go - well, mine do, anyway! I've been raking the leaves up all weekend including lovely red ones.... oh well, they were lovely while they lasted!

19 Oct, 2008


mine are out the wind but there falling now and my ornamental grape vine which if you like that look you will love.i remember bying it .i went and read it grows 90` and thaught brilkliant for my pagoda and didnt have a price so i asked the plant expert who works there how much is the vine that grows 90` ? please.she leaned over and in a disbalieving way started saying 90` foot in an old fashioned way.untill she read what i had read then she pulled her foot out her mouth ,had a large slice of humble pie with a gulp lol.must be the tattoos lol either way i still wonder what she was thinking i thaught when i asked her

20 Oct, 2008

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