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plants for grave side


By Mazy

United Kingdom Gb

can anybody surgest any plants that l can use on my sisters grave side ,as l have problems with deers eating anything that l plant many thanks mazy x



maybe a planter on a pedistel with something like a verigated ivy.maybe go to wear deer live and look at the plants that arnt touched.a zoo mite be a good source of info.i hope ive helped in some small way.take care bye for dont say in what way your sisters grave side is situated.deer imply trees.deer dont eat furns i dont think as like ivy there poisan

16 Oct, 2008


The website has a long list of plants that deer don't eat

16 Oct, 2008


I have seen little gardens under glass at gravesides. Some plants grow in a kind of greenhouse. Then of course there are beautiful plastic flowers, but that is not everybodies cup of tea, yet they last for a long time and do not wilt as real flowers. So sad to read it is your sisters grave, must be hard to go and work and garden along her side. What were her favourite plants? Why do the deer get into the graveyard anyway? Isn't there a fence around it? I think that is a bit strange, these deer might walz all over the graves and poo on them too, very irrespectful.

17 Oct, 2008

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