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Bay tree


By Lindsay

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a lovely and mature bay tree which I pruned back hard at the beginning of the year. It has survived the experience and is growing well apart from the fact that many leaves are going yellow and curling over at the edge, distorting them really badly. When I unroll them they're full of grey-white stuff. Does anyone know what's happening and if there's anything I can do to stop it getting any worse?




Hi, had the same problem this year, sounds like
Bay Suckers
For reference check

Depends how large your tree is ( ours is 5 meters high so, not easy to treat ) you can either pick the affected leaves one by one or spray with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Ready To Use ( you can use the concentrate if it is for a big plant ).

If you are to spray, don't forget to pick as many leaves as you might need to use up for 2-3 weeks and either freeze them or dry them.

Best of luck

21 Sep, 2008


Hi Athina, I followed your links and I'm sure you're right. I'll follow your advice and let you know what happens! Many thanks, Lindsay

23 Sep, 2008

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