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Grass query


By Ramila

United Kingdom Gb

Lately my grass in the garden is having it piles of mud everywhere, first i thought it might be fox but it's too much for once fox and its tiny pile of mud.... little there smething under the grass digging up. it's disgusting and kids can't play on it because its everywhere.. Is there smething i can do to get rid of this.



How big are these mounds? If they are just an inch or so high then they are worm casts. they do produce them at this time of year. When it is dry either collect them up and put on the soil or use a stiff brush and brush them into the grass. They are only soil so no harm to your offspring.

21 Sep, 2008


Yeah they are inch or so higher.... but how do i get rid of them... coz kids wana play on the grass and they won't beacuse of

21 Sep, 2008


Run the lawn mower over them when they are dry (the soil mounds, not the kids...............oh I dunno though! ).

21 Sep, 2008


Use a grass rake to spread the soil. The Earthworms are a sign of good healthy soil. It is a case of 'You can't have one without the other'

21 Sep, 2008

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