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What Plant is it?

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Plant with purple flowers (could be a Shrub - it is approx 2feet tall and 2 feet wide), which has flowered all summer. Cannot find its name in any books - but I might be looking in the wrong place! Would love to buy another one.

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Hello. I think it is a perenniel Wallflower called Bowles Mauve. A lovely plant. There is a variagated one available with pinky/lilacy flowers and a yellow one with leaves the same as the one you have. I will look up the proper names and get back to you.

21 Sep, 2008


Hello again... apparently, there are 20 0r so perennial Wallflowers known as Erysimum. Cannot find the name of the variagated one I mentioned but ttree I did find are Apricot Delght, Bowles Yellow and Hectors Gatepost which is got the lovely colouring of the variagated one with dark green foliage. Hope this helps. Hope I am right!

21 Sep, 2008


Yes, it looks like Bowles Mauve. Although they are called 'perennial' wallflowers, I find after about four or five years they die (flowered themselves to death I think). But fairly easy to strike cuttings

21 Sep, 2008


Sounds a great plant to have. Welcome to GOY.

21 Sep, 2008


Many thanks to everyone who kindly answered my question - look forward to going to the Garden Nuseries again! What a helpful and pleasant group you are.

22 Sep, 2008

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