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Separating crocosmia

Lamar/Mississippi, United States Us

I have some crocosmia that have flourished well for two years and now I need to separate/reduce them. My question is about the time of year to do so. I am in zone 8.



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6 Sep, 2008


You can dig them up and re-plant in the spring, although I've done it successfully after they've flowered in the autumn.

6 Sep, 2008


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6 Sep, 2008


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6 Sep, 2008


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6 Sep, 2008


I've seperated a lot of crocrosmia, and to be honest with you I'm sure you'll find experts telling you a specific time to do it, however they are bulbs, which means they store everything they need to survive in their dormancy. Separate them when it suits you. Just make sure you give them several months in the ground before the summer comes about so that they can be nice and settled and ready to shoot back up.

I've seperated crocosmia in full flower, they die off and then come back just has strong has ever the following summer. They will die back almost immediatlely after you seperate them, don't let this worry you though, just be patient, they'll come back the following year.

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6 Sep, 2008

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