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Hello everyone! I've a montbretia question...


By Rufus67

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Have a bed full of common montbretia which is failing to flower - should I dig the whole lot up and start again? Do I have to get all the corms up completely? Any advice welcome. Thanks



Hello and welcome, Rufus - love your avatar, looks like a gopher, is it?
Yes, dig them up, all of them, then separate the clumps - you'll probably find the corms have "stacked" themselves, pull these apart and just replant enough to make a clump. Either bin the rest or plant elsewhere. They like sun, though, so won't flower very well in shade.

6 Oct, 2009


Thanks Bamboo. It's a guinea pig! I'm on the case right now despite the rain!

6 Oct, 2009


I never thought of a guinea pig - he looks very alert and full of curiosity. Good luck with the mud...

6 Oct, 2009


Unless you are very fond of the one you have I would bin the lot and start again ,there really are some wonderful Crocosmias around now.

6 Oct, 2009


Not fond of it at all as it's stopped flowering and has spread everywhere. Will start again I think!

6 Oct, 2009


In that case, look for Crocosmia Lucifer or Red Devil - they still increase, but not quite so much as the one you've got already, and are much more impressive flowers.

6 Oct, 2009


Look up Crocosmia in Plant Finder, there are some stunning ones from the red of Lucifer to Canary yellow by way of different shades of orange.

7 Oct, 2009


Just found this post........ lol
I know its from a while ago, but its my main interest in life. I held the NCCPG National Collection of Crocosmia for a few years. Have a look at my website, there are many beautiful ones out there.

30 Mar, 2016

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