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I have a badger who comes into the garden and is causing a lot of destruction. I have seen him but cant find out how he gets in. As they are a protected species does anybody have any suggestions to deter him?



to be honest I think you are very lucky to be able to see him even if he does do some damage. however if you really are determined to see him off I think you should try to get some pics of him first. I'm sure every one would love to see them. sorry don't have an answer to how you stop him coming in.

5 Sep, 2008


Do you by any chance put nuts out for birds? Badgers love peanuts and if drop out of bird feeders will dig around site to get more.So if you go out early evening and pick them up from lawn then leave some out in a bowl for them - you should get pleasure of seeing them without destruction.Some people even 'trained' them to come up to house for their nuts.If this fails consider a motion detector light that comes on as they approach really dont like being seen in such a light.

6 Sep, 2008


I rescue wildlife, badgers are great creatures of habit and if your garden is on his daily route he/she will move heaven and earth to get along that route. Few fences will stop him. Make sure you have no food out in your garden. Do not feed the birds or any pets. It is sometimes possible to redirect them . They fed off bugs in the grass hence the scrapping at the lawn. If you give me a little more detail i can advise, ie are you fenced at all or all open, whats he doing there is he digging or is there a track passing through. my email is anne83 at anne

6 Sep, 2008


Unfortunately, I have the same problem and asked the same question here probably a year ago when great holes were apearing in my lawns. Basically, you will have great trouble stopping them. They like the grubs from the Crane flies in the grass and scrabble to get them. Make sure that your fences/walls are strong and that they have no holes in them. We have a stream and we think that they come via that. I checked up on the 'protection' aspect and found that disturbing their setts is also an offence - but I wouldn't do that to them anyway! I haven't been lucky enough to see them or managed to get a photo because of the time they roam! Try BB's idea of a light - I might do that too - thanks BB!

6 Sep, 2008


Is it posible you could fence against them ?, My son had them and proper fencing was the only answer.They really are destructive creatures in the garden.The main problem is they are not being controlled as they should be and like foxes are becoming more and more urbanised.People are very irresponsible with when feeding birds etc. Rats are increasing rapidly as they feed under the bird tables,and they are very good at spreading desease by dragging their tales through their urine and faeces.I had better stop or I will be saying too much!!!

6 Sep, 2008


I'd love more wild life in my garden, like spritz said do what BB said put peanuts in a dish, and take some photo's so we can all see them.

6 Sep, 2008


I'd love to see him/her please try for a photo before you banish him/her. I'd try the nut thing and if still coursing a problem leave the nuts outside your boundry and get the light and maybe fence that way he/she still gets treat but wont trash your garden. Good luck with this you to Spritz. Id also like to see more wildlife.

6 Sep, 2008


Of course we all want to see birds butterflies and the frogs toads and some small mammals, but if you want rabbits and badgers in your garden then you have to put up with the damage and the frustration and finding your hard work ruined.

8 Sep, 2008


Very true Wyeboy i think the damage may be worth it but its not me whos garden is getting trashed my opinion may change if it was but i'd like to think it wouldn't

9 Sep, 2008

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